Halfway there

Halfway there

Fourteen days into my 28-day challenge(s) and I’m feeling proud and positive.

I’ve been walking 4-6 km most days and two-thirds of the way through each walk, I get a euphoric “my life is amazing” feeling and can’t help but smile and breathe deeply. I put it down to endorphins, though in saying that, I’m feeling more positive, cleaner, fresher, and lighter overall.

I’m still getting cravings for alcohol, which I am replacing with fruit and the odd (bag of) jet plane or jelly snake. And a load of fruit. Lucky for me we have an abundance of grapes on our vines which I am making my way through with ease. My naturopath has advised that I add my nuts and seeds into the sugar hits to help balance out the next hit craving. This has worked alright. And also taking a magnesium tablet in place of any sugar has worked a couple of times. At the end of the day, I tell myself that sugar is better than alcohol right now and just ride with it. I hope my scales are just as understanding!

I can’t remember that last time I went two weeks without any alcohol. It was a long time ago. I’m pretty chuffed really with how I’ve coped so far. It has been easier than I thought and my other challenges have definitely helped to take my mind of the bigger challenge.

I haven’t really decided if I will drink after my 28 days. I think I will but I do not want to go back to drinking daily. I need to find some confidence to control it if I do have a drink. Or create some rules. A decision that I have a couple of weeks to make. But right now, I am two weeks alcohol-free and it feels pretty good.

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