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I'm good Joy in a phone call

Joy in a phone call

I never answer the phone. Well, pretty much never. I guess its a bit like preferring not to socialise. Or perhaps it is from times where I’ve gotten myself in debt and wanting to hide from it as much as possible. Anyway, I don’t even know why, but I answered the phone just now. I’d …

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I'm good A conscientious journey

A conscientious journey

I was walking through the bush this morning feeling amazing, thinking “I’m better now”. “I’m better”. What does that mean? It means that I am not depressed. That I am functioning well. That I am looking after myself. That I am eating well, not drinking alcohol and exercising pretty much daily. That I am pleasant, …

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I'm good #StandAtDawn


I’ve never been to a dawn ANZAC service before. I feel almost ashamed to say this. This morning I got up for the lockdown #StandAtDawn service and was absolutely blown away with emotion. The Last Post. The National Anthems. Thinking of all those soldiers who landed on that beach to mass fatalities. Their families’ heartbreak. …

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I'm good My bubble within my bubble

My bubble within my bubble

I just had a shower. My first in a couple of days which is unusual as of late – the last couple of weeks I’ve been showering pretty much most days. This is one of my signs that I am good. For months prior to this, two showers in a week was a (pretty gross) …

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I'm good The creative feels

The creative feels

I’ve never considered myself the creative type. I’m more your analytical process nazi where things are black or white. Though saying this, there has often been a creative role in my jobs and, as much as I’ve enjoyed those roles, creativity has not come naturally. I always feel like I am trying harder than others …

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I'm good Halfway there

Halfway there

Fourteen days into my 28-day challenge(s) and I’m feeling proud and positive. I’ve been walking 4-6 km most days and two-thirds of the way through each walk, I get a euphoric “my life is amazing” feeling and can’t help but smile and breathe deeply. I put it down to endorphins, though in saying that, I’m …

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I'm good I got this

I got this

I haven’t quite got my head around this whole lockdown. The thought that an internationally sprawling virus can isolate nations to their one abode, is almost sci-fi movie like. Going to the supermarket, having to keep two metres away from the next person in line, being allowed in one by one by a security guard …

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I'm good Bumpy but beautiful

Bumpy but beautiful

The last few months have been rather bumpy. Nothing unusual I guess. So now I’m back on the road to happiness again. Or at least wellness. This has not been going that great. The light bulb moment this time was a big disagreement with my partner, and the thought of losing him is really scary. …

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I'm good I Hate Socialising.

I Hate Socialising.

I’m not sure if it is my bipolar, or if I have just grown to not like to go out and socialise. When I was in my twenties that’s all I did. Socialise. In my early thirties, I still did but with some reluctance. It generally had to be with alcohol, which it was, and …

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I'm good Today’s Happy List

Today’s Happy List

I did good today. Being happy remained my one mission all day. My playlists had me almost singing on the train. And smiling at the thought of breaking out in song (badly) amongst serious commuters who don’t even say hello back. My playlists also had me stay on task at work and I had a …

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